KASH NETWORK is a one of its kind financial empowerment program built as a super fantastic 3 BY 3 MATRIX SYSTEM… that involves six levels and rewards members handsomely while they work as a team and help one another achieve great financial goals ,making money as a team.

You start with an investment of #5,000 and at the 6th level you will have earned a whooping sum of #873,600 this is made possible because of how this POWERFUL financial empowerment system has been built.


AS KASH NETWORK member you earn in six hot folds…

1st…FROM YOUR DIRECT downline

2nd  Your direct downlines downlines

3rd  Your direct downlines downlines downlines

4th  Still goes on ,you keep earning

5th  You still keep earning

6th  You keep earning massively even at stage


At KASH NETWORK we work as a team

You either get your 3 direct downlines to make you earn faster or you wait to get downlines as spillover from your upline and grand uplines which will fill up your space and make you earn too but you must be responsible and monitor your team and ensure they are performing well.

Who’s your team?

Your team begins with you,then your three direct downlines

As a team leader you must understand that their success is equal to yours, as you help them attain a level, they too in turn help their downlines attain a level and at the end everyone grows.

WHEN you register and activate your KASH NETWORK ACCOUNT you are registered under an active team if you don’t have any or under an active team leader this will make you enjoy the team work aspect of the business…that’s because we don’t work alone..hahahaha

====== HOW YOU EARN =====

AS KASH NETWORK member you earn in six hot folds…

1st…FROM YOUR DIRECT downline

2nd Your direct downlines downlines

3rd Your direct downlines downlines downlines

4th Still goes on ,you keep earning

5th You still keep earning

6th You keep earning massively even at stage 6


Level 100—-Cashout (#2,400)

Level 200—-Cashout (#7,200)

Level 300—-Cashout (#21,600)

Level 400—-Cashout (#64,800)

Level 500—-Cashout (#136,080) + Cash Bonus/Gift (#58,320) =  #194,400

Level 600—-Cashout (#408,240) + Cash Bonus/Gift (#174,960) = #583,200

AT the end of the program you would have empowered with a whooping sum of #873,600(EIGHT hundred and seventy three thousand,six hunded naira)

Why You Have To Get Onboard And Join Fast…
(1) It’s still fresh as an early bird you earn faster and quicker than anyone that registers after you.

(2) Getting downlines is not compulsory as you can get spillover downlines from your upline, your grand uplines or even from the system as long as you are active in the system.

(3) Registration is FREE and activation of account is once no re-registration palava get in and start earning assured.

(4) The end cash reward is huge, at the end of the program at level 6 you will earned a total of #873,600

(5) Here you don’t work alone you have you upline, granduplines,downlines and even the system to support you as you climb the level ladder and earn from one level to another…Teamwork is guaranteed.

(6) No buying and selling of anything, just pure networking for the purpose of financial empowerment.

(7) You don’t wait till you complete a level to cash out, once you have earned just #1,500 which you can easily earn from your downlines from 1st to 6th generation…you are eligible to withdraw and get paid straight to your bank account

(8) Cashout is every Friday….SO WEEKLY EARNING IS GUARANTEED

(9) You earn from all your downlines till their sixth generation…

(10) You earn from 729 downlines of yours in a systematic and organized manner.

(11) You can also make money selling your approved financial empowerment materials on the site to our members and the general public.

(12) You also have access to our e-format empowerment product at a huge discounted rate

………………………NO MATTER HOW RICH YOU are you have got to build yourself a KASH NETWORK…not just for yourself but for your children because everyone has financial needs.


CHAT ANY OF THESE TEAM LEADERS Below To Make Payment And Buy An Epin WHICH YOU WILL use for Your Account Activation

MR NDUBISI UDUMA         ——  08180413179

MISS PEACE OJO                 —— +995557997238

MRS IFEOMA                         —— 08164939594

MR ALFRED                            ——  07065704007

MR MOSES                              ——  09086935162

MR CLETUS                ——      08144658861

ALSO feel free to chat the head admin…

BASIRAT CHLOE(08035910553)

Its hightime you join the KASH NETWORK and create yourself another means to get you and your children empowered financially.

KASH NETWORKyour gateway to financial fulfillment.


Our New Reward Plan is designed and implemented solely to help you generate massive and continuous RESIDUAL EARNINGS more quickly and rapidly.

Earning Table

Level Downlines Earning Commission Level Bonus
100 3 800 2400 1680
200 9 800 7200 5040
300 27 800 21,600 15,120
400 81 800 64,800 45,360
500 243 800 194,400 138,080
600 729 800 408,240 174,960


👉 TOTAL CASHOUT = #611,520

👉 OVERALL TOTAL = #873,600